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+ Good shows (which are a lot)
+ Good looking people i'm obsessed with

Darren Criss hosting That Media Show


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if you say you don’t know the lyrics to at least one high school musical song then you are lying

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ppl who dont like vampire weekend : what r u afraid of??? joy????? sweaters???????

Annoying overrated songs

ur url makes sense now

Title: Canto Del Pilon
Artist: Milk & Sugar feat Maria Marquez
Played: 60823 times

Canto Del Pilon - Milk & Sugar feat Maria Marquez


I’ve seen some posts making this guilt trip of how the people who like to dress up as a sugar skull or the Catrina for halloween or whatever is racist and cultural appropriation.

Nah, it’s completely fine, as long as you are not totally ignorant about it or disrespectful.

Sugar skull represents the deceased, in a joyful manner. And the Catrina is just a social critic which became an icon later on for the day of the dead and Mexico. 

It is not offensive to turn this into a costume or an accessory because it already is, so if you want to dress up like sugar skulls on Halloween, do so, but atleast know it’s value.

Be open minded, don’t even hate, and share this rich culture we have with the rest of humanity, chill.

This post is about that eradicating guilt trip and blaming, and turn it into self awareness


nobody hates glee more than people who have sincerely loved glee at some point in their lives

Title: Kiss Me Darling
Artist: Twin Forks
Played: 2029 times

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